Access for any user

Grant employees, partners, customers and citizens access to your applications across different user directories without additional license costs.

Access to any application

Integrate any cloud or on-premises application into the Safewhere Identify Platform and provide convenient single sign-on access to all your applications.

Access with any login

Allow users to access your applications with one of their existing identities. The Safewhere Identify Platform supports 20+ authentication methods.

Flexible platform for federated identity management

Safewhere is a Danish software provider specializing in Identity and Access Management. We offer a standard software platform based on open identity federation standards and identity provisioning that can be easily configured and adapted to the customers’ needs.

In close collaboration with partners, we help our customers centralize and simplify their identity and access management. This enables them to deal with the complexity of a growing number of user identities that need to access cloud and on-premises applications and to comply with increasingly rigid data protection regulations.

We believe that everyone should have the freedom to decide what personal information is shared with whom in any situation. We are dedicated to enable organizations of all types and sizes to engage in trusted and valuable digital relationship with people everywhere who control and bring their own identity.


National standard for federated identity management in Denmark

Safewhere has been selected as the national standard for federated identity management and inter-government collaboration in Denmark.

A new common IT framework for local governments are under development in Denmark. Safewhere is sub-supplier on the support system for access management, that is one of the core elements in the common framework and will be based on identity federation. Learn more

We serve a broad range of customers

Our customers are of different sizes, works in different industries and have different needs. We strive to always deliver solutions that match the individual customer’s specific needs.

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How we can help you reduce costs and improve efficiency


Simplified user management

Reduce the costs and complexity of managing your users’ identities and access rights. Safewhere’s Identify platform centralizes all user management.


Single sign-on

Improve efficiency and access to applications with single sign-on. Safewhere’s Identify platform provides single sign-on to any on-premises or cloud application.


Password reset

Increase employee efficiency and reduce the help desk workload. With The Identify Platform your end users can reset their own password.


20+ authentication methods

Increase interaction with your users by allowing them to authenticate with one of their existing identities. Choose from 20+ authentication methods.


Directory integration

Provide all users access to applications on your domain without extra license costs. The Identify Platform allows you to synchronize users with different directories.


Multi-factor authentication

Increase data security. With the Safewhere Identify Platform you can set up multi-factor authentication, using your preferred authentication methods.

"Besides the flexibility to connect to many different login providers, Safewhere Identify has the advantage that it is not tied to Active Directory (AD), which meant that we did not have to create 13,000 additional users in our AD, nor increase the cost of the project in relation to the purchase of additional Microsoft licenses."

IT Architect, Lars Nico Hoegfeldt, Odense Municipality